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Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and the slow growth of medicare spending -- by $700 billion -- and being attacked by republicans for having done that. and the environment where you can talk about medicare, where no one will talk about this, everyone's talked about loophole closures, how do you get from here to there and let me ask does it first. he said that the environment would be different in 2013. on this pressure that he talked about, what is going to get these things in kumbaya with each other? >> they are not from the same kumbaya. i don't want to pretend that they will be. this environment is the worst. this would be the right time to fix the fiscal cliff so we don't have to worry about economics not happening. the lame-duck would be the second course, and for all the reasons i outlined, it's very unlikely that we would do anything significant. there is going to have to be great leadership at the white house to get this done. it will be hard. i'm not saying it will be easy, it's going to be difficult. there are going to be lots of days where it's going to look like were not going to make it. we are never very pret
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
or is a big spender. you may call me that. i also think we need to cut the increases in medicare cost, none of which would impact the benefits themselves. may say that i am in favor of cutting 716 billion, but there are ways to do that without cutting benefits. you voted for the same cuts except he wants to privatize medicare. i am seeking to go to a place called washington which is not honest but a place where everybody place the blame game which means that all of the democratic leaders think that all the problems are caused by the republicans and dollar republican leaders think of all the problems are caused by the timber crops. ladies and gentlemen, as you already know, those with and without stickers, these are among republican and democratic problems. these are american problems. the center that we address this serious fiscal and other problems that face us in this country the sooner we can get the common-sense solutions. as you already know i am not a professional politician. i take a second seat to no one in my devotion to this country and my commitment to do the right thing i served
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. are you retired server line of social security or medicare. a lot of the things they really thought bother people and get them to focus on government happening later in life. but i think we did a better job of branding. or indian or the things that affect us early in life and let us know, was headstart important for you? government. this free lunch important to you? government. did you take the school bus? government. letting people know that all of these things that we sort of think of as a part of the world, police officers, if we do a better job, people making decisions, people who make decisions that directly impact you, that's the stuff you get hooked on voting, not because the candidate is cool or because -- just because it's an election year. they stay hooked forever. >> politics are polarized. the greatest thing about being mayor is often times it's not partisan. so the great thing obviously is there's no democrat or republican way to fill a pothole. on a local level, we cannot touch this then. we had to balance the budget. there's things we have to do is mayor to solve problems. w
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of honor. [applause] >> the first thing in our article here is getting medicare costs under control is the number one priority and it is the most untouchable saying. but that is going to cause more trouble than any other problem we've got fiscally in the united states. getting medicare costs under control is the number one thing. >> you say we also surcharged pokers and to be obese for their medicare coverage. where did that idea come from? >> it came from us. i mean, i'm a person to put it in the memo. i didn't have to fight hard for it. i ran into this common something every in the washington post, were sort of calling people morbidly obese a club and the omega fatty. i was being insensitive, which i guess i probably am. but this is another thing where everybody knows this to be true and someone has to pay for. i'm not saying you should encrypt if they're too heavy, but there should be penalties. i mean, i'm not really democrat, but you have to be responsible for your personal behavior. and some is going to pay for it. >> quite right. we should we should point out also for your no
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to admitting he does want to turn medicare into a voucher program. i thought the president pushed back on that very effectively, when he said, hey, if you're 55 you might want to listen to this. i'm still not sure exactly what governor romney was saying about his promise of $5 trillion in tax cuts. i mean i heard the platitudes but i didn't hear any specifics. and, i thought he was doing a lot of shape shifting on that one. >> governor, good evening. this is rachel. we've been talking on set here about our surprise we didn't hear more from the president on his standard attack line. we thought we would heard more on the 47%. more attacks on bain. why do you think those were absent from this debate? >> because i think that this debate needed to get to the, you know, the two contrasting plans that these two mortal individuals are bringing to the american people. look, we can choose greater tax cuts for, for the wealthy and see if that works better for us this time. or, we can, we can get back to the more balanced approach that president clinton used to retire deficits and our parents and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5